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The Psychology program at ISU encourages a spirit of active inquiry and critical thinking, life-long learning and development and social responsibility. The curriculum is based on the premise that any student of psychology, regardless of program goals, should be well-informed about basic principles of behavior. The undergraduate degree in psychology prepares students for graduate studies in psychology and related fields as well as employment in a variety of settings including health services, research, government and business.

The Department of Psychology offers both undergraduate and graduate programs. Our graduate programs include a Master's (M.A./M.S.) in General Psychology and a Doctoral program (Psy.D.) in Clinical Psychology.

We also have a Psychology Clinic that provides services to students and members of the Terre Haute community.

Mission statement:

The Department of Psychology assists students to achieve their personal and professional potential through training in scientific methods and discipline-specific knowledge, promoting a spirit of active inquiry and critical thought, and fostering a sense of social responsibility.


Job Opportunities: 

The Psychology Department is currently hiring for an Assistant Professor in Clinicial Psychology.  Please click here for information regarding the position..


Psychology Faculty Spotlight: Dr. Liz Smith

Liz Smith Liz Smith, PsyD, graduated from ISU's clinical psychology program in 2018 and returned to the Psychology Department this fall as a faculty member. Liz focused her graduate and postdoctoral training on serious mental illness, conducting research with Dr. Bolinskey in the Mental Health Development lab on indicators of risk for schizophrenia-spectrum disorders. She completed her clinical internship at the University of Massachusetts Medical School/Worcester Recovery Center and Hospital and a postdoctoral fellowship in Psychosocial Rehabilitation and Recovery at the VA San Diego/UC San Diego School of Medicine.
After completing her fellowship, Liz spent several more years in San Diego enjoying being back in her native Southern California. She worked as a psychologist at Sharp Healthcare, doing clinical work and program development in the intensive outpatient program and inpatient psychiatric units at Sharp Mesa Vista Hospital. Liz also spent time working with the military and veteran population via a private practice setting. Her time with military populations prompted an interest in better understanding complex trauma, as well as the development of symptoms related to trauma and dissociation across the diagnostic spectrum. Liz is excited to be back on the ISU campus and to be part of training students in her own graduate program.

Psychology Alumni Spotlight: Dr. Ryan Harr Kulynych

Ryan Harr Kulynych Dr. Harr Kulynych graduated from ISU’s Clinical Psychology Psy.D. program in 2020. She completed her pre-doctoral internship within the Federal Bureau of Prisons at the U.S. Medical Center for Federal Prisoners in Springfield, Missouri (USMCFP) and obtained employment at USMCFP as a Staff Psychologist following graduation. She completed psychological evaluations for individuals referred to USMCFP for inpatient mental health treatment, as well as Court reports for involuntary treatment and civil commitment for individuals deemed dangerous due to serious mental illnesses. She also leads an interdisciplinary treatment team and provides evidence-based individual and group psychotherapy. In 2021, she was promoted to Specialty Program Coordinator. In this role, she developed a modified therapeutic community within a secure mental health unit for inmates with serious mental illnesses who have demonstrated difficulty functioning safely in an open setting. The programming is focused on the use of evidence-based therapies and contingency management to increase participation in therapeutic activities and incentivize rule-abiding behavior. She continues to complete psychodiagnostic evaluations, risk assessment reports, and individual and group therapy in this role, as well as providing supervision to masters-level treatment specialists and pre-doctoral psychology interns. Her current research efforts focus on collecting data regarding patient participation, as well as behavioral outcomes and progression out of secured status, through participation in the new modified therapeutic community. She hopes to publish research on the efficacy of this treatment modality within this specific setting and population.

Psychology Graduate Student Spotlight: Bryanna Wynn

Bryanna Wynn Bryanna Wynn is a master’s student in experimental psychology who will graduate in May 2023. She grew up in Terre Haute and received her undergraduate degree from ISU before serving in the US Army, first as a Human Intelligence Collector and then as a Special Agent for the Criminal Investigative Division. She returned to ISU after 12 years in law enforcement in order to pursue additional training in research. Bryanna’s thesis research focuses on how individual personality differences impact endorsement of conspiracy theories, and she hopes to return to her roots of military service as a researcher and analyst for the Veteran’s Administration post-graduation. Bryanna is a nontraditional student raising two teenage daughters, and says it “has not been an easy feat, but it is well worth the effort now to have the feeling of doing what makes me happy, and doing what I want to do. It's never too late to find your niche or pivot from your original path to find what's best for you.”

Psychology Undergraduate Student Spotlight: Franko Teston

Franko Teston

Franko Teston is a senior undergraduate psychology major with a focus in school psychology and a special interest in music composition. He is from Harrisburg, IL. Franko currently works in Dr. Abraham’s research lab and recommends all psychology majors seek out research experiences while they are in college. Franko plans to work in the psychology field after graduation with the intention of eventually attending an accredited program for school psychology. When asked about the best part about his studies at ISU, Franko said, “My best experience as a psychology major so far has been finding people in the program that I can call my friends. The teachers I've had thus far have been amazing, and you can tell they really care about their students' success. Just the same, the other students in my classes are also great to be around, and nothing but inspiring.”



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