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Message from the Dean

Like most of the country and much of the world I have watched and supported recent protests for social justice and racial equality. To all of our students, and particularly our black students for whom these past few weeks have exposed for the country what is often so painful and unfair every day, I want you to know that we will do everything we can to support you as we return to campus very soon. A university is a special place, a place for discussing great ideas and inspiring activism that can change the world. We in the College of Arts and Sciences feel that we have a special responsibility right now. We study and teach, every day, the subjects that inform, explain, and challenge racism and social injustice. I hope you will join us to engage these issues, arouse the better angels of our nature, and work toward equality and justice for all.
Christopher J. Olsen
Dean, College of Arts and Sciences

The 2020 Award Winners

The CAS Educational Excellence Award for tenure-track and tenured faculty is Amanda Lubold from the Department of Multidisciplinary Studies. Congratulations to Amanda!

The CAS Educational Excellence Award for non-tenure-track faculty is Katrina Babb from the Department of Economics. Congratulations to Katrina!

The CAS Outstanding Staff award winner is Kathy Edwards from the Department of English, Congratulations to Kathy!