Diversity Plan

The Bailey College of Engineering and Technology is committed to creating an environment in which individual and cultural differences are appreciated and valued at all levels.

Bailey College of Engineering and Technology Diversity Policy

A core value of this institution is one of respect for the variance of identities which combine to present a robust foundation representing an environment of learning and respect equal for all.  The responsibility to provide and maintain the tools of learning must be engaged by all participants of learning.  To such end, we come together as a community of scholars and member of this university who value the plethora of individual perspectives and diverse cultures to inspire ideas, innovation and discussion leading to new venues of research and exploration toward an inclusive and just future.

The diversity plan for the Bailey College of Engineering and Technology (COT) actively supports the vision, mission, and values of the ISU Diversity Council.

Additionally, the COT supports ISU’s established specific strategic goals regarding diversity defined as follows:

     (a)  Strategic Plan Goal 1, Objective 9:  By 2014, narrow the difference between the retention and graduation rates of all students and African American students by a minimum of 50%.

     (b)  Strategic Plan Goal 6, Objective 1:  By 2014, make progress in hiring African American faculty, so that the percentage gap between this group and of African Americans in our student body is narrowed by 50%.

This plan also delineates the COT’s specific internal goals regarding diversity. The plan must be considered a fluid document; as goals are met or require adjustment, the plan by necessity will require revision.