Chemistry Degree Programs

The Department of Chemistry and Physics offers a curriculum leading to a bachelor of science or a bachelor of arts degree in chemistry. Chemistry majors must complete the required chemistry, mathematics, and physics courses of the core curriculum together with the courses required for one of the four degree options. By consulting your academic advisor, you can choose the degree option that best meets your needs and interests. The Department also offers a minor in chemistry and a minor in biochemistry.

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Chemistry Degree Options

The link to each of the degree options below will provide you with a list of courses to be taken each semester in order to obtain the degree in four years.

All chemistry majors follow similar curriculum patterns during the first two years of study. Thus, you will have sufficient time to consult your advisor before choosing the option that suits your individual plans.

Degree Requirements

For more information about the degree requirements, see the following sections of the ISU undergraduate catalog or contact a chemistry academic advisor:

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