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The study of English develops essential skills for professional success and personal fulfillment: an understanding of language and its functions in society; fluency in written communication, in both practical and artistic applications; and a critical appreciation of literary works from diverse time periods and cultures. The most common career paths for English majors are writing, editing, and publishing; advertising and public relations; business administration and management; technical writing; and teaching at middle school, high school, or college levels. A major or minor in English is also an excellent choice for students considering graduate or professional study in the humanities, law, or business. The Department of English's internship program can provide students with valuable preprofessional experience and job placement opportunities, and the option to study abroad can enhance students' academic and cultural experiences.

The Department of English participates in the African and African American Studies Program, the Honors Program, the Interdisciplinary Studies Program, the International Studies Program, and the Gender Studies Program. For all students in the University, the Department of English offers Foundational Studies courses in five categories: Composition, Literary Studies, Global Perspectives and Cultural Diversity, Fine and Performing Arts, and Upper-Division Integrative Electives.