Kamae Necole Sutton - BS, 2019: Business Owner, Entrepreneur

Kamae Necole Sutton
Kamae Sutton

Kamae Necole Sutton is the owner and operator of K. Necole Unitz LLC based in metro Atlanta, Georgia. Kamae is a 2019 graduate of Indiana State University, where she earned a B.S. in African and African American Studies. During her time at ISU, Kamae tapped into her passions for service and humanity, specifically focusing on under-represented and underserved communities. She is a proud member of Zeta Phi Beta Sorority and a legacy alumna of ISU, having followed in her parents’ footsteps. Kamae discovered a gift and talent for designing and creating custom wig units during her senior year of college. After first working as a member of the Supplier Diversity and Diversity and Inclusion Teams for WestRock, Kamae then struck out on her own to pursue her dream of becoming a business owner, and now has clientele all around the world.

Verlain Betofe - BS, 2011: CEO, Consultant, Coach, Teacher

Verlain Betofe
Verlain Betofe

Verlain Betofe is the founder and CEO of Team Makasi in San Diego, California, where he also serves as Assistant Coach and Offensive Coordinator at Kearny High School. Reflecting on the lack of good role models he had growing up in southeast San Diego, Verlain “always dreamed of being someone people looked up to for the right reasons, and someone who could make an impact in people’s lives.” Believing in the transformative power of knowledge, a work ethic, and the right support system, Verlain started Team Makasi as a way to give back to the community by helping student-athletes find paths to a college education while playing the sports they love.