Chester Inc. Welcomes New Employee: Tracy Matus

Thursday, September 6, 2018 - 10:48

Please join Chester Inc. as they welcome new team member: Tracy Matus! Tracy is a Graduate of Indiana State University. Working 20+ year as an IT solution provider. Tracy asks, “Do you remember CRT’s monitors? Me too!” Regardless, Tracy is a seasoned IT professional that keeps abreast of all the latest and ever-changing technologies, services and support.

Tracy possesses multiple certifications and is extremely detail orientated to make her customer lives easier. Tracy is the proud mother of one daughter, Jessica, who after graduating from Purdue University moved to Martha’s Vineyard. When not working, Tracy loves to travel, spend time at the family lake house and take her rescue dog Scoobie for walks.

Tracy enjoys meeting new people, establishing relationships that are lasting. Recently moved to Warsaw including a new house, new future, so Tracy welcomes you to join in on her next great adventure!

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