Can Your Education in Liberal Arts Help with Your Corporate Aspirations?

Wednesday, August 26, 2020 - 11:18

Although it may seem as if business and liberal arts are poles apart from each other, one might be surprised to know that isn’t how it really is. Not only are there specialized Associate of Arts programs that can help a student with their corporate aspirations, but many employers prefer someone with a rounded educational background as well. As to how a background in Liberal Arts can help students launch their careers in the private world of business, we will discuss that in detail next.

An Impressive Interview

Someone with an academic background in the liberal arts has a better chance of impressing the higher ups during their interview. However, that is only true, if the following standards are maintained:

  • The applicant must have good grades, if not excellent ones
  • The liberal arts degree/degrees should be from a well-reputed establishment
  • The job in question should be open to freshers, rather than being meant for experienced employees only

If these conditions are applicable, then it is likely that the interviewers or at least some of them will be impressed with your resume. Most higher ups are from a few generations back, and at that time, liberal arts degree holders with excellent grades were considered to be innovative, intelligent and creative by default. Their natural hold over soft skills is just as relevant today, but the appreciation might not always be present amongst the newer generations.

Your Associate of Arts Degree Can Have a Business Focus


This is what most arts students don’t often consider, and as a result, they miss out on the opportunity to strengthen their resume for a corporate job, post-High School graduation. The fact is that you can pursue an Associate of Arts degree online, with an elective track in Business, Business Management, Healthcare Management, or Leadership.

What that means is, not only is it possible for students to join a corporate job by using their background in liberal arts, the liberal arts education itself could potentially be a perfect combination of both the creative aspect of arts, as well as the hardcore principles of business and leadership. Such a degree is not just useful for impressing the interviewers, but it’s one that will prepare the young applicant for challenges that will soon be coming their way as they join the business sector.

Liberal Arts Education Can Open Other Doors for Students to Join the Business World

We have already discussed the specific specializations which are perfect for any aspiring executive with a background in liberal arts, but it also opens other doors, even if you choose to pursue another elective that isn’t so directly linked to business management and leadership.

Before we explain this point with an example, let’s refresh our memories by taking a look at what the electives available to someone pursuing an Associate of Arts degree are:

  • Business
  • Business Management
  • Healthcare Management
  • Leadership
  • Criminal Justice
  • Psychology
  • Accounting

There might be a few others offered as well, depending on the institution, but these are, in general, the most inclusive and useful elective tracks a Humanities student can pursue.

If the student was to pursue their Associate of Arts degree with a psychology elective, they could join the business sector quite easily by becoming an integral part of any reputed organization’s psych health team. A few examples are as follows:

  • Business psychologist
  • Corporate counselor
  • Human resource professional
  • Sports counselor

They can continue to pursue psychology through graduation and post-graduation programs in psychiatric science or applied psychology, only to launch their own clinic later on.

If we were to take accountancy, on the other hand, no explanation is required regarding why taking such an elective would make joining the corporate sector a natural career move. After all, accountancy exists because there is business, and businesses cannot operate without their accounting departments. It will help, however, if you decide to further strengthen your knowledge in accounting with a graduation degree later on. Newer opportunities will open up and your resume will begin to look much more professional.

Liberal arts education is well known for creating a solid educational foundation for students in general. Their study allows the development of a mind that can see and solve problems from multiple angles, rather than being limited to just the business end of it. Consider your education in arts to be the foundation of your career, which you can then lay out in the direction that you want to, with higher qualifications on that track.

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