Using Your Research Skills for Career Exploration

Wednesday, May 5, 2021 - 10:35

Like any other research project, career exploration requires information gathering and assessment, can have unexpected discoveries, and is a long-term process, writes Tina Solvik.


For many graduate students, career exploration can feel like an indefinite challenge. How do you explore the unknown? Where do you begin to identify and keep track of the available options? Career exploration tools and resources exist in abundance, but how can you understand what to use and when? And when do you know that the search is over and you can now make a decision?

When advising students new to considering their career options, I sought a methodology that would resonate with them. For long-term implementation and success, is there a career exploration framework that is logical, accessible and empowering?

The career exploration road map allows for visual mapping of the stages of career exploration, from assessing one’s interests through securing a job offer. Career exploration can also be compared to scientific experimentation, where one gathers information, does the experiment and assesses.

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