Shawn Lucas

Ampacet Corporation, Manager, Analytical Services

Chemistry B.S., 1990
Chemistry M.S., Indiana State University, 1994
MBA, Indiana State University, 2000

My first job out of Indiana State University in 1990 was with Great Lakes Chemical Corporation, West Lafayette, IN. They have since been merged to form a larger chemical company called Chemtura. I worked exclusively on the chemical process to produce the artificial sweetener Splenda, and spent 3 months on a plant start-up.

I left after one year and relocated back to Terre Haute and began my current career in plastics with Tredegar Film Products. Tregedar produces polyethylene sheeting used for diaper backsheet, agriculture films and other types of packaging. Plastics incorporate a wide range of finer chemicals used to produce physical and chemical properties desirable to the end-use application. My primary responsibility was testing the properties through physical and analytical means. While at Tredegar I began working on my Master's degree in Chemistry with Indiana State, graduating in 1994.

I began working with Ampacet Corporation that same year. Ampacet is a supplier to Tredegar and as such we do formulation development work for plastics property enhancement. This also includes many pigment additions to add vibrant colors to plastics. I have since completed my MBA with Indiana State University, graduating in 2000. While I still maintain a discipline in the sciences by managing our analytical lab, I am also doing more work with downstream customers in the form of marketing, technical service, and technical sales.

I think the unique and competitive advantage to a degree in chemistry is that employers perceive you as a problem solver. The very nature of choosing this major is that you will analyze data and arrive at the most logical conclusion given the information at hand. If you have time to perform experiments to gather more data, you will be trained how best to utilize the time/materials. This makes us perfectly suited for ANY job...not just in the sciences.

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