Robert J. Noll

Rob Noll

Associate Professor
Physical Chemistry

B.A., 1987, magna cum laude, Carleton College
Ph.D., 1994, Chemistry, University of Wisconsin-Madison

Postdoctoral Experience
1994-1996 University of Wisconsin-Madison

Office: S-051M
Phone: (812) 237-2229
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Research Interests

Physical chemistry, analytical chemistry, gas phase chemical reactions and transport, mass spectrometry, spectroscopy, and miniature instrumentation.

Representative Publications

Arthur M. Halpern and Robert J. Noll, "That’s Pretty Cool. Using Work to Freeze Water. The Vapor-Compression Refrigerator and How It Works," Journal of Chemical Education, 97, 719-725 (2020).

Arthur M. Halpern and Robert J. Noll, "That’s So Cool. Using a Flame to Freeze Water. The Vapor-Absorption Refrigerator and How It Works," Journal of Chemical Education, 97, 726-735 (2020).

Arthur M. Halpern and Robert J. Noll, "A Tale of Two Molecules: How the Heat Capacities of N2(g) and F2(g) Differ at High Temperature and Why Naïve Expectations Fail to Explain These Differences: A Spreadsheet Exercise for Physical Chemistry Students," Journal of Chemical Education, 96, 926-935 (2019).

P.I. Hendricks, J.K. Dalgleish, J.T. Shelley, M.A. Kirleis, M.T. McNicholas, L.F. Li, T.C. Chen, F. Boudreau, R.J. Noll, J.P. Denton, T.A. Roach, Z. Ouyang, R.G. Cooks, "Autonomous in Situ Analysis and Real-Time Chemical Detection Using a Backpack Miniature Mass Spectrometer: Concept, Instrumentation Development, and Performance," Analytical Chemistry, 86, 2900-2908 (2014).

Paul Hendricks, Jason Duncan, Robert J. Noll, Zheng Ouyang, and R. Graham Cooks, "Performance of a Low Voltage Ion Trap," International Journal of Mass Spectrometry, 305, 69-73 (2011).

Jonell N. Smith, Robert J. Noll, and R. Graham Cooks, "Facility Monitoring of Chemical Warfare Agent Simulants in Air Using an Automated, Fieldable, Miniature Mass Spectrometer," Rapid Communications In Mass Spectrometry, 25, 1437-1444 (2011).

Jonell N. Smith, Adam D. Keil, Robert J. Noll and R. Graham Cooks, "Ion/molecule reactions for detecting ammonia using miniature cylindrical ion trap mass spectrometers," Analyst, 136, 120-127 (2010).

Zheng Ouyang, Robert J. Noll, R. Graham Cooks, “Handheld Miniature Ion Trap Mass Spectrometers,” Analytical Chemistry, 81, 2421-2425 (2009).

Richard H. Perry, R. Graham Cooks, Robert J. Noll (corresponding author), “Orbitrap mass spectrometry: Instrumentation, ion motion and applications,” Mass Spectrometry Reviews, 27, 661-699 (2008).

Adam Keil, Heriberto Hernandez, Robert J. Noll (co-corresponding author), Miriam Fico, Liang Gao, Zheng Ouyang, R. Graham Cooks, “Monitoring of Gaseous Toxic Compounds in Air Using an Handheld Rectilinear Ion Trap Mass Spectrometer,” Analytical Chemistry, 80, 734-741 (2008).

Adam Keil, Nari Talaty, Christian Janfelt, Robert J. Noll, Liang Gao, Zheng Ouyang, R. Graham Cooks, “Ambient Mass Spectrometry with a Handheld Mass Spectrometer at High Pressure,” Analytical Chemistry, 79, 7734-7739 (2007).

Qizhi Hu, R. Graham Cooks, Robert J. Noll (corresponding author), “Phase-Enhanced Selective Ion Ejection in an Orbitrap Mass Spectrometer,” Journal of the American Society for Mass Spectrometry, 18, 980-982 (2007).

Qizhi Hu, Alexander A. Makarov, R. Graham Cooks, Robert J. Noll (corresponding author), “Resonant AC Dipolar Excitation for Ion Motion Control in the Orbitrap Mass Analyzer,” Journal of Physical Chemistry A, 110, 2682 - 2689 (2006).

Qizhi Hu, Robert J. Noll, H. Li, Alexander Makarov, Mark Hardman, and R. Graham Cooks, “The Orbitrap: A New Mass Spectrometer,” JMS Feature Article, Journal of Mass Spectrometry, 40, 430–443 (2005).

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