Joseph O. West

Joseph West

Associate Professor

B.A., 1988, Wabash College
M.S., 1993, Arizona State University
Ph.D., 1995, Arizona State University
M.B.A., 2003, Indiana State University
Caleb Mills Distinguished Teaching Award, 2022, Indiana State University

Office: S-165H
Phone: (812) 237-2037

Research Interests

Solid State Physics
The dynamics of the electronic to vibrational energy transfer process in CsCl crystals with CN- and F-center defect pairs is the primary system of interest. Experimentally, this system is studied with a laser and a spectrometer to obtain Raman spectra. Plans for the immediate future include the use of a femto-second pulsed laser system in order to obtain Time-Resolved Raman spectra. Dr. West is also involved in theoretical quantum mechanical interpretation of the experimental results.

Fun Stuff (Suitable for undergraduates)
Dr. West has always had an interest in research projects that can actively involve students in all aspects of the project. Some of the topics that students have worked on, or are on the list to choose from, include: orbital dynamics of a point mass in the plane of a massive thin ring, orbital dynamics of a point mass in a plane perpendicular to the plane of a massive thin ring, a new release mechanism for trebuchets, the effects of the variation of the force of gravity with altitude near the surface of the Earth on an ideal Atwood's machine, the distribution pattern of aimed shots from archers, least time radii for point-to-point motion of a simple pendulum, the dynamics of vortex rings (smoke rings, 20 cm in diameter), the dynamics of ArrowCopters (a fun toy), special relativity in rotating reference frames, two-dimensional dipole-dipole repulsion under the influence of an external electric field, Fresnel focusing of waves in water, and promising project that a student might suggest.

Selected Publications

J. West, "Isotropic Photon drag: Analytic expressions for velocity (3D) and position (1D) with applications to blackbody friction," Am. J. Phys., 82, 217 (2014).

J. West, "A relativistic rotating frame with physics majors, photons and mirrors: causality lost," Eur. J. of Phys., 29, 885-900 (2008).

J. West, "A light clock satisfying the clock hypothesis of special relativity," Eur. J. of Phys., 28, 693-703 (2007):EJP/247157.

R. Wesely Tobin (class of 2005) and J. West, "Closed orbits about a massive thin ring," Eur. J. Phys., 27, 215-223 (2006).

J. West, "N-coupled masses with resistive forces linear in velocity: Exact expressions for the final system position," Am. J. Phys., 71, 402-403 (2003).

J. West and Barry N. Weliver (class of 2000), "The Atwood machine: Two special cases," The Physics Teacher, 37, 83 (1999).

J. West, S. Dassanayake (class of 1998), and A. Daniel (class of 1998), "Bound orbits with positive energy," Am. J. Phys., 66, 25 (1998).

J. West, K. T. Tsen, S. H. Lin, and F. Luty, "An absorption line shape model for F-center/CN- molecule defect pairs in CsCl," Phys. Rev. B, 50, 9759 (1994).

J. West, S. H. Lin, and K. T. Tsen, "Critical analysis of the band-shape function of a molecular system imbedded in a host crystal: Application to F centers," J. Chem. Phys., 99, 7574 (1993).

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Jennifer Inlow, Chairperson

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