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Living Learning Community Housing Option for Cadets

Responding to requests from cadets and prospective cadets, AFROTC Detachment 218 has created a new opportuniy for cadets of all ranks: the ROTC Living Learning Community (LLC). The LLC will allow Air Force and Army ROTC cadets of all ranks who wish to reside in the same area of student housing the ability to have greater support from and camaraderie with other ROTC cadets. The Resident Assistant (RA) for the LLC may or may not be a cadet. RA applicants are required to complete the RA course through the student housing office that is only offered in the Spring semester. This ensures all RAs are trained and they are at least Sophomores. Priority for consideration as RA of the ROTC LLC is given to students who are cadets or have experience managing time in one or more complex, demanding extracurriclar programs, such as Air Force or Army ROTC, NCAA atheletes, etc.

Anyone interested in learning more about the ROTC LLC should visit Residential Life




Det 218 Graduate, Lt Thomas Ahearn, awarded Flying Cross
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Act of Valor
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Information current as of 22 January 2024 and is subject to change.