History of the Bayh College of Education Buildings

The Statesman Towers were constructed in 1967 as student dormitories and served in this capacity from 1968 to 1972. With decreasing demand by students for on-campus housing, the ISU Board of Trustees closed Statesman Towers as residence halls in the spring of 1972.

Old College of Education BuildingIn October of 1974, the School of Education proposed that one of the Towers be renovated for housing the School. With administration and Board of Trustees support, approval for renovation and use of the Towers was sought from the Indiana Commission on Higher Education, the Legislature and the Governor's office. This approval was granted and the Legislature appropriated funds for the renovation in the spring of 1975.

Complete program specifications for the conversion of Statesman Towers for use by the School of Education were developed by faculty and staff of the School during the spring, summer and fall of 1975. These program specifications were transmitted to Daggett, Naegele and Associates, Inc. of Indianapolis, who were employed as architects and engineers for the renovation project.

Plans and specifications for the renovation were completed in the spring of 1976, bids were advertised and requested and construction contracts were awarded during the summer of 1976. The Board of Trustees awarded contracts for the renovation work to C. H. Garmong and Son, Inc. of Terre Haute for general construction work and to Sycamore Engineering, Inc. of Terre Haute for mechanical work. The contractors began their renovation work in September of 1976 and the renovated facility was occupied by the School of Education in August of 1977.

In July 2009, the College of Education moved into the newly renovated University Hall. Later in the Fall 2009, semester the college was named Bayh College of Education. 

History of the Deans of the College

Former Deans of the Bayh College of Education:

  • William. E. Engbretson (1962-1966)University Hall Outside
  • Fred Swalls (1966-1967)
  • David T. Turney (1967-1977)
  • Frank W. Jerse (1977-1978)
  • Richard L. Willey (1978-1982)
  • John C. Hill (1982-1983)
  • J. Stephen Hazlett (1983-1990)
  • Gail Huffman-Joley (1990-1997)
  • Richard Antonak (1997-1999)
  • Rebecca Libler (1999-2001)
  • C. Jack Maynard (2001-2003)
  • Robert Williams (2003-2006)
  • Brad Balch (2006-2013)
  • Kandi Hill-Clarke (2013-2016)
  • Denise Collins (2017)
  • Janet Coleman (2017 - Present)

William E. Engbretson
Wm. E. Engbretson 
Dean (1962-1966)

Dr. William E. Engbretson, was born on October 9, 1926. He was raised in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, and lived his early life in Western Michigan. Dr. Engbretson served in the United States Navy from 1944 - 1946. He earned an A.B. degree in Social Sciences with a minor in Mathematics, Science, and English at Western Michigan University in 1947. In 1950, Dr. Engbretson received an M.S. degree at Michigan State University majoring in Guidance and minoring in Clinical Psychology. He completed his Ph.D. at Northwestern University in 1954 in the fields of Guidance, Elementary Education, and Educational Psychology.

Dr. Engbretson's professionalism in various areas, including relationships with institutional representatives and with other personnel in the field of education, was well established and proven during his two-year appointment in the American Association of Colleges for Teacher Education (AACTE) Central Office.

During his stay at Indiana State University, Dr. Engbretson showed his leadership, particularly in the Teacher Education program. The program's reputation for qualitative excellence was well maintained. In 1966, he decided to return to teaching and research, and accepted a position as Professor of Higher Education in the School of Education, College of Arts and Sciences, University of Denver.


Fred Swalls
Fred Swalls 
Acting Dean

Dr. Fred Swalls was born on June of 1911, in Seeleyville, Indiana. He earned an A.B. degree from Indiana State Teachers College in 1932. In 1939 Dr. Swalls received a M.S. in Education from Indiana University, and in 1950 he completed his Ed.D. in Education, also from Indiana University, Bloomington.

Dr. Swalls was assigned the position of Acting Dean of the School of Education at Indiana State University after Dean Engbretson's resignation in 1966. During the time of his acting deanship, he proposed the Foreign Student Exchange program, focusing particularly on Japanese academic institutions. Aoyama Gakuin University was one of the most active participants in the program.

Dr. Swalls returned to teaching and research the following year. After serving as the Coordinator, Educational Administration, he was promoted in 1968 to the Director of the Division of Educational Administration, a position he held for eight years. One of Dr. Swalls' research interests included the legal rights and responsibilities of Indiana teachers, which resulted in a publication on the topic in 1968. He retired from the faculty of ISU in May of 1976 after 30 years of service to the Institution.


David Turney
David T. Turney
Dean (1967-1977)

Dr. David T. Turney , was born on October 8, 1915, in Sedro-Wooley, Washington. He served in the United State Army for four years. He earned a B.A. in 1938 and his M.E. in 1949, both in Public School Music Curriculum and Supervision from University of Washington, Seattle. He received his Ed.D. in Curriculum and Instruction from George Peabody Colleges For Teachers, Nashville, Tennessee in 1959.

During his appointment as the Dean of the School of Education, he was invited to assist in the state accreditation visit at the University of Notre Dame and St. Mary's College. In addition, Dr. Turney contributed his time and effort to the AACMU Intern orientation discussion at Allendale Lodge. He was also an active member of the Association for Supervision and Curriculum Development from 1960 - 1966. Dr. Turney has over 18 publications to his credit.

In 1977, he resigned from the deanship and returned to a teaching position as Professor of Education in the School of Education at Indiana State University. The John Dewey Society, an organization of educational philosophers, appointed him as their Director for 1977 - 1979. Dr. Turney retired from ISU in December of 1981. Under his deanship, the School of Education made good progress and its strengths were enhanced.


Frank Jerse
Frank W. Jerse
Acting Dean 

Dr. Frank Wm. Jerse was born in April of 1926 in Oglesby, Illinois. He earned a B.S. in History at the University of Illinois in 1947 and in 1949 he received the M.S. degree in Social Education from the University of Wisconsin. Dr. Jerse completed his Ed.D. in Educational Psychology and Guidance at the University of Northern Colorado in 1958. He was a member of the American Psychological Association.

Dr. Jerse taught at Western Michigan University, the University of Northern Arizona, and Sonoma State College (California) prior to his appointment as Professor of Psychology and Education at Indiana State University in 1964. Over the years he served as Director of the Division of Educational Psychology, as Assistant Dean for Graduate Studies in School of Education, and as Chairman of the Department of Educational and School Psychology. He accepted an appointment as Acting Dean of the School of Education for the 1977 - 1978 academic year.

Dr. Jerse was awarded a grant from Lilly Endowment, Inc. in 1980, and another from the Indiana Criminal Justice Planning Agency in 1982. His efforts in securing the grants were greatly appreciated by the Board of Trustees. While contributing his time and efforts to the University, he was active in community mental health efforts, serving on the boards of the Association for Mental Health in Vigo County and the Katherine Hamilton Center.


Richard Wiley
Richard L. Willey 
Dean (1978-1982)

Dr. Richard L Willey was born on December 30, 1928 in Walnut Grove Missouri. He earned a B.S. in Mathematics with a minor in Economics and Sociology at Southwest Missouri State University in 1950. In 1956 he received his M.S. degree at Drury College. Dr. Willey completed his Ed.D. in Supervision and Administration in 1962 from the University of Missouri. He also completed a post-doctoral study in 1974 at the Northwest Regional Educational Laboratory.

In 1978 Dr. Willey was appointed as Dean of the School of Education at Indiana State University. He was serving in that capacity at the time of his death on June 7, 1982. During his career, Dean Willey's expertise was widely sought as a consultant to schools, educational agencies, and educational associations, including a term as Chairman of the NCATE Evaluation Team. He was also an active member and held offices in several professional associations. He authored numerous publications and was the recipient of many honors for his distinguished contributions in the field education.

Richard Willey's leadership in the School of Education could be described by this quote from Gibran's Voice of the Master:

"Knowledge and understanding are life's faithful companions who will never prove untrue to you. For knowledge is your crown, and understanding your staff; and when they are with you, you can possess no greater treasures."

A memorial was established at ISU in Dean Willey's name.


John Hill
John C. Hill
Dean (1982-1983)

Dr. John C. Hill, a native of Terre Haute, Indiana was born in January of 1926. He served in the United States Air Force. He earned his B.S. in General Science and Biology with a minor in Physics from Indiana State University in 1947. His M.S. in Educational Administration with a minor in Secondary Education, Biology and Government was conferred in 1950, also from ISU. Dr. Hill completed his Ed.D. in Educational Administration in 1965 from Indiana University, Bloomington.

Dr. Hill became the Assistant Dean for Research and Services, School of Education, and Associate Professor of Education in 1965. He also served as Acting Chairperson in the Department of Educational Administration for the 1987 - 1988 academic year.

Dr. Hill has numerous reports and research publications to his credit, as well as membership in various professional organizations and educational associations. He served the University for 24 years before his retirement in May of 1989, and ISU recognizes his contribution to the growth and development of the academic program in the Department of Educational Administration.


J. Stephen Hazlett 
Dean (1983-1990)

Dr. J. Stephen Hazlett was born on February 27, 1940. He earned a B.A. (magna cum laude) in History from Yale University in 1962. He received his M.A.T. in History and Education in 1963 from Harvard University, and completed his Ph.D. in History of Education and Educational Administration from University of Chicago in 1968. He was the Associate Dean of the College of Education at the University of Nebraska at Omaha before he accepted the appointment to the Dean’s office at Indiana State University.

Dr. Hazlett was described by one of the administrative staff at the University as a stimulating, perceptive, provocative and congenial colleague. Not only was his leadership essential to development and change, but he also willingly accepted a progressively greater responsibility in shaping the entire institution.

Dr. Hazlett has over 17 reports, sections and research publications to his credit, as well as membership in several professional associations. His service to the School of Education at ISU ended in 1990 when Dr. Hazlett accepted the position of Vice President for Academic Affairs at the University of South Dakota.


Gail Huffman-Joley 
Dean (1990-1997)

Dr. Gail Huffman-Joley was born on December 29, 1937, in Toledo, Ohio. She earned a B.Ed. in Elementary Education from the University of Toledo in 1959. She received her M.Ed. in Reading Education and Learning Disabilities from the University of Missouri-Columbia in 1976, and completed her Ed. D in Curriculum and Instruction from the University of Missouri-Columbia in 1978.

Dr. Huffman-Joley taught at the University of Missouri-Columbia, the University of North Carolina at Charlotte prior to her appointment as professor of Education at Indiana State University in 1987. Before being appointed as Dean of the School of Education, Dr. Huffman-Joley served as Associate Dean for Academic Programs from 1987-1990. She was appointed as Acting Dean of the School of Education in 1990, then as Dean of the School of Education 1991. She served as Dean of the School of Education until July 1997, when she decided to spend more time in the classroom and work on several projects.

Dr. Huffman-Joley was instrumental in developing significant collaborative relationships between Indiana State University and the public schools. She was also a major contributor to The Professional Development Schools program at ISU which gained national recognition.


Richard Antonak
Richard Antonak
Dean (1997-1999)

Dr. Richard F. Antonak received his B.A. (magna cum laude) in Mathematics from Rutgers College in 1969. He earned his M.Ed. in Special Education in 1970 from Temple University. He completed his Ed.D. in Special Education-Research from Temple University in 1975.

Before serving as Dean of the School of Education at Indiana State University, Dr. Antonak was a professor for the Department of Communication Disorders and Special Education at ISU. He also served as Associate Dean at the College of Education at the University of North Carolina at Charlotte. His teaching experience includes professorship at The University of North Carolina at Charlotte, The University of New Hampshire, and The Pennsylvania State University, Delaware County Campus.

Dr. Antonak served as Dean of the School of Education at Indiana State University from 1997-1999. During his leadership, several technology-related improvements were made to better prepare teachers on incorporating technology into their teaching methods. The level of grants and contracts received by the School more than doubled during Antonak's tenure. He also created the Office of Educational Research and Evaluation and the Office of Educational Outreach to help students and faculty with grants and research, and to build partnerships with business, industry, government, and schools.

Dr. Antonak left his position as Dean of the School of Education to assume his appointed position as the Associate Vice President of Academic Affairs at Indiana State University.


Rebecca W Libler
Rebecca Libler
Interim Dean (1999-2001)

Dr. Rebecca W. Libler earned her B.S. in Elementary Education in 1976 from Ball State University. She received her M.A. in Education in 1981 and her PhD in Educational Administration in 1991, from Ball State University.

Dr. Libler joined the ISU faculty in 1991 and also served as Associate Director of the North Central Association of Colleges and Schools from 1991 - 1995. An associate professor of Educational Administration, Libler served as Chairperson of the Department of Educational Leadership, Administration and Foundations from 1995 to 1998. Prior to serving at ISU, Libler was in K-12 education and served as a teacher, principal, and superintendent of schools.

Dr. Libler was appointed as Interim Associate Vice President for Enrollment Services at Indiana State University in October, 2002. 

C Jack Maynard
C. Jack Maynard
Dean (2001-2003)

Dr. C. Jack Maynard was born on December 29, 1947, in Williamson, West Virginia. He received his B.A. in Secondary Mathematics from Marshall University in 1969. He earned his M.Ed. in Educational Administration in 1972, from Marshall University. In 1976, he received his Ed.D in Educational Administration and Higher Education from West Virginia University.

Dr. Maynard has extensive experience in university settings. He served as Assistant Professor before being appointed to Associate Dean for Academic Affairs at Marshall University. He served as Assistant Dean for Administration Associate Dean for Undergraduate Studies and Director of the Northwest Ohio Urban Partnership/University Initiative all at the University of Toledo. In the year 2000, Dr. Maynard was appointed Dean of the School of Education and Human Services at the University of Michigan, until 2001 where he was appointed Dean of the School of Education at Indiana State University.

Under Dr. Maynard's leadership, Indiana State School of Education earned the 2002 Christa McAuliffe Award for Exemplary Programs in Teacher Education. Dr. Maynard was appointed as Provost and Vice President of Academic Affairs at Indiana State in 2004.


Robert Williams
Robert Williams
Dean (2003-2006)

Dr. Robert O. Williams earned his B.S. in Music Education in 1965 and his M.S. in Music Education in 1967 from Indiana State University. He received his Ph.D. in Curriculum and Instruction from Southern Illinois University-Carbondale in 1970.

Dr. Williams joined the ISU faculty in 1970 as an Assistant Professor of Education. Prior to that appointment he was an instructor of music at Shawnee Community College, as well as a public school teacher in the Edinburgh Community Schools. Since returning as faculty to Indiana State University, Dr. Williams has served as Associate Professor of Education, Professor of Education, Coordinator of Graduate Programs in Secondary Education, Director of the Office of School Improvement Projects and the Professional Development Schools Partnership, Administrative Fellow, Assistant Dean for Educational Research, Evaluation, and Outreach, Associate Dean for Educational Research, Evaluation, and Outreach, and Acting Dean of the School of Education. He was appointed Dean of the College of Education at Indiana State University in 2004.

Dr. Williams is a past recipient of the Caleb Mills Distinguished Teaching Award, the President's Medal in recognition of exemplary performance, and the University Medallion. He has also been instrumental in forming and coordinating Indiana State's nationally recognized Professional Development Schools Partnership.


Brad Balch
Bradley Balch
Dean (2006-2013)

Dr. Bradley Balch has previously served as a rural K-12 teacher, assistant principal, principal and superintendent in Indiana.  He has also served as a two-term School Board President for Covington Community School Corporation Board of Trustees in Indiana and as a State Board Member for the North Central Association – Commission on Accreditation and School Improvement. He recently concluded a seven-year term as the Dean for the Bayh College of Education, Indiana State University, and Immediate Past President of the Teacher Education Council of State Colleges and Universities (TECSCU). 

Dr. Balch was recently elected to the Board of Directors for the American Association of Colleges for Teacher Education (AACTE).  He regularly presents on issues of accreditation, governance and policy related to public schools.  Currently, Dr. Balch is a Professor of Educational Leadership and Dean Emeritus.  He earned a bachelor’s and master’s degrees in education from Ball State University prior to completing his doctorate in educational administration from Indiana State University in 1998.



Dean Hill-Clarke-Office
Kandi Hill-Clarke
Dean (2013-2016)

Dr. Kandi Hill-Clarke became dean of the Bayh College of Education at Indiana State University in July 2013. Previously Dr. Hill-Clarke served as Assistant Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs with the Tennessee Board of Regents in Nashville, Tennessee, faculty member at the University of Memphis, and elementary school teacher with Shelby County Schools in West Tennessee.  She currently serves as a member of the Superintendent’s Cabinet for Vigo County Schools, the Vigo County Education Foundation Board of Directors and AdvancED Indiana State Council. She is a member of 100+ Women Who Care Vigo County, serves as a mentor for Leadership ISU and has served as a panelist and faculty facilitator for the 2014 and 2015 National Association of Student Personnel Administrators African American Women Summits.  Dr. Hill-Clarke is currently the President-Elect of the Indiana Association of Colleges for Teacher Education. 

Dr. Hill-Clarke has been a featured speaker and an invited panelist at numerous state, regional and national conferences to speak on best practices in literacy instruction, educator preparation redesign, performance-based assessment and higher education leadership and administration. She received a Bachelor of Science degree in elementary education from LeMoyne-Owen College and Master of Science and Doctor of Education degrees in Instruction and Curriculum Leadership with a concentration in Reading Education from the University of Memphis.


Denise Collins
Interim Dean (2017)

Dr. Denise Collins earned her B.G.S. in General Studies in 1981 and her M.A. in Counseling and Personnel Services in 1984 from the University of Maryland. Her PhD in Educational Leadership and Policy Studies was earned in 2001 from Virginia Tech.
Dr. Collins was a student affairs administrator from 1984 through 1997, working in residential life at Grinnell College, the University of Iowa, and the State University of New York at Cortland.  She held professional positions at Virginia Tech in the Women’s Center and the Office of the Provost. Dr. Collins joined the ISU faculty in 2003 in the Student Affairs and Higher Education program, first in the Department of Counseling and then in the Department of Educational Leadership. She also is affiliated with the Gender Studies program at ISU in the College of Arts and Sciences.
Dr. Collins has been Associate Dean of the Bayh College of Education since 2011, stepping in as Interim Dean in January 2017. 



Janet Buckenmeyer Portrait
Janet Coleman
Dean (2017-Present)

Dean Janet Coleman previously served as dean of education in Georgia before coming to the Bayh College of Education at Indiana State University. She has over 20 years of experience in education serving in roles with ever-increasing responsibility, including: elementary school teacher, assistant principal, university faculty member, Director of Graduate Studies, Program Chair, Faculty Senate vice-chair elect, interim Department Chair, and Associate Dean. While a dean in Georgia, she was active in their state chapter of AACTE. She also served as an elected member of the Board of Directors for the International Society for Performance Improvement (ISPI) as the academic representative, and she is a trained CAEP Site Reviewer. Dean Coleman has authored or co-authored numerous articles and has presented internationally and nationally on building a successful professional development school partnership, effective instructional design and faculty development for online learning.