Individuals with disabilities and their family

The Indiana DeafBlind Services Project hosted Indiana families for a weekend of fun and adventure at Jameson Camp Grounds.


Young girl in green dress is seated at a table working on a craft projectCampers standing in the grassgetting ready to play kickballA young boy dressed in a blue tshirt with blonde hair is standing underneath a tree looking at the camera. There is a little girl in a black tshirt with brown hair looking down at the grass.


Parents spent time networking while the rest of the family spent time enjoying group activities

Parents getting instructions on conversation box.Parent's making conversation boxes.






Blumberg Center at the 2019 CEC Convention and Expo



Blumberg Center’s Deaf-Blind Services and the PASS project were one of over 150 exhibitors at the 2019 Council for Exceptional Children Convention in Indianapolis, Indiana.  “To promote our Visual Impairment Licensure program convention attendees were provided an opportunity to experience what it might be like to have a visual impairment by wearing simulation goggles and playing basketball.  We had several individuals tell us how much they enjoyed our interactive booth”  reported Dr. Carol Wetherell, Center Director. 


Members of ISU Delta Gamma sorority partner with Blumberg Center to make tactile books for Indiana Visual Impairment Preschool. 

Image-2-testview Image-5-testview 


IDOE Graphic


Office of Special Education Short Shares

Short Share 1- Conceptual Framework

Short Share 2- Equity & Access

Short Share 3- Equity & Access Continued

Short Share 4- Universal Design for Learning

Short Share 5- Multi-Tiered System of Supports (MTSS)

 Short Share 6- Curriculum (Introduction)

Short Share 7- Curriculum & Content Connectors

Short Share 8- Collaboration

Short Share 9- Instruction

Short Share 10- Assessment

Short Share 11- 2016-2017 Summary

Short Share 12- Welcome Back August 2018

 Implicit Bias

ESSA Reflections with Dr. Moore

T.I.P.S.- Universal Design for Learning Lesson Planning

T.I.P.S. - Classroom Level Data

T.I.P.S. - Goals Development Checklist



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