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Norma and William Grosjean Clinic

Mission Statement

University Hall Clinic

The Grosjean Clinic at University Hall, Indiana State University provides for interdisciplinary collaboration in teaching, experiential learning, research, and community engagement for our undergraduate and graduate students as well as faculty alike. The programs in Communication Disorders, Counseling, and School Psychology are nationally accredited and maintain standards of excellence by including experiential learning to support the students' educational experience at Indiana State University.  Through multiple experiential learning and community engagement opportunities, Grosjean Clinic at University Hall continues Indiana State University's fine tradition of preparing outstanding professionals and demonstrates our commitment to serving the citizens of the State of Indiana and beyond.


The Counseling Clinic

Clinic Open House

The Counseling Clinic provides an array of counseling services to children, adolescents, adults, and families.  Services are provided by the graduate students in the Clinical Mental Health Counseling Program, under the supervision of licensed practitioners.  It is the clinic's mission to provide caring, competent, and effective services to the community.  Anyone dealing with anxiety and stress, depression, divorce, parenting issues, grief and loss, school problems, substance abuse, or eating disorders could contact our clinic for an appointment.


The Porter School Psychology Center (PSPC)

Clinic Open HouseThe Porter School Psychology Center provides psychological and educational evaluation services for children and adults experiencing academic, behavioral, developmental, and/or social-emotional concerns including, among others, learning, cognitive, and emotional disabilities, and autism spectrum disorders.  The Center conducts evaluations to determine eligibility for public school special education or college/university disability services.  to help better coordinat and improve services across multiple domains, Center clinicians colsult with parents, schools, and community agencies regarding reading, writing, peer interaction, study skills, and more.

The Rowe Center for Communicative Disorders (RCCD)

Clinic Open HouseThe RCCD provides therapy services and diagnostic testing for clients typically from age 2 to adult.  The services include therapy for the following: articulation (speech sound disorders), language (receptive and expressive), hearing screenings and aural rehab (speech and language therapy for those with hearing loss/speech reading), voice issues (hoarseness/breathy), fluency (stuttering), aphasia (language problems resultsing from strokes, etc.), motor speech problems, cognitive thinking skills, and social aspects of language.


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