The Grosjean Clinic that houses the Rowe Center for Communicative Disorders, The Counseling Clinic, and the Porter School Psychology Clinic will be closed for the remainder of the semester starting Wednesday, March 18, 2020.

Rowe Center for Communicative Disorders

The Rowe Center for Communicative Disorders in the Normal and William Grosjean Clinic at University Hall offers assessment and treatment for communication disorders. The Center's Speech and Language Clinic offers speech and language assessments and treatment for a wide range of speech (articulation/ESL, voice, stuttering) and language(delayed/disordered language development, aphasia, traumatic brain injury) disorders for preschoolers, school-age children, and adults.  We provide hearing screenings by appointment and at community health fairs. The center enhances learning at both the graduate and undergraduate levels by providing frequent opportunities for students to observe and practice classroom theories in a clinical situation. The center includes therapy rooms with two-way mirrors, sound monitoring systems, video recording and playback, and a speech and voice science laboratory.

Equitable Treatment:

The faculty, staff, and students of the Department of Communication Disorders and Counseling, School, and Educational Psychology are committed to recognizing the contributions of all groups, such as those formed by gender, ethnicity, race, culture, sexual orientation, age, religion, disability, and personal experience, in the creation of a diverse, inclusive environment. An honest commitment to and explicit recognition and affirmation of diversity in the teaching and learning process promotes our effectiveness as professionals and educators. The Norma and William Grosjean Clinic at University Hall is dedicated to providing services with sensitivity toward diversity issues and does not discriminate in provision of services to the community.


How to get started for treatment:


The parent/caregiver must contact the Rowe Center to set up the evaluation process.

To contact us for more information, please call us at (812) 237-2800.

For directions to campus:

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401 North 7th Street
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Phone: 812-237-3562 
Director: Amanda Solesky Room 303D


Norma and William Grosjean Clinic