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School Administrator Licensing (Building Level/Principal Licensing)

Program Description:

For Indiana Residence Only

The 33 credit hour maximum Non-Degree Program for School Administration Licensure prepares students who already hold a master’s degree in education for positions of leadership as school administrators. The program fulfills, in part, the requirements for the Building-Level Administration License prescribed by the Division of Professional Standards, Indiana Department of Education.

In order to qualify for the Building-Level Administration License, the student must complete the program, must hold an Indiana teaching license, must present evidence of at least two years of teaching experience, and must pass the state licensure examination.

Post Master's Licensure

The distinct features of the program include:

  • Blended distance education delivered program via interactive television and/or the Web augmented by on-campus Saturday sessions three times per semester.
  • Designed to serve public and private sector working professionals for positions of school leadership in either setting.
  • Nationally recognized internship experience by the American Association of School Administrators (AASA).
  • Linkages with large network of alumni for mentoring and support, many of whom have won statewide honors for their work.
  • Graduates that achieve among the highest scores on the School Leader Licensing Assessment (SLLA) exam among administration preparation programs in the state.
  • ISLLC and Indiana Professional Standards guided curriculum.
  • Rolling admission (students can start any semester or during the summer).
  • Assessment of previous masters degree coursework that may be substitutable for select courses in the program.