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Teacher Education Committee TEC


The Teacher Education Committee (TEC) is charged with the overall responsibility to assist in planning, approving, and coordinating the various changes in programs which prepare licensed educators for preschool through high school settings.  The committee shall make certain the University is in compliance with the regulations of the Department of Education and the standards of the National Council for Accreditation of Teacher Education and other relevant accrediting bodies.  All curricular and other academic items which would have a modifying effect on educator preparation at the University are the purview of the TEC.

Items which speak to a change in an educator preparation program offered by a specific department shall first be routed through the appropriate departmental and school committees and offices for action before they are forwarded to the Dean of the Bayh College of Education for submission to the TEC. This committee may also initiate proposals on behalf of interdepartmental and extra departmental programs which prepare licensed educators and proposals on such matters as admission and retention standards and the evaluation of students in educator preparation programs.