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Assessment Tool Checkout

Check out an assessment tool into your library.

  1. Click on Courses in the side menu.
  2. Click on Libraries in the submenu newly opened.
  3. Click on Assessment Tools (located on the left side menu).
  4. Assessment Checkout Menu
  5. Enter the name of the assessment tool
    1. Enter the title of the assessment in the box labeled Name.
    2. Click on the search button located below on the right.
  6. Tk20 Assessment Search
  7. Once you have clicked search, wait for the system to populate the responses.
  8. Locate your assessment and click on the box at the left side of the assessment name
  9. Click on the star icon to place this assessment into your library.
    1. WARNING: Once in your library, the assessment cannot be removed.  Be certain that the assessment you select is one that is correct.
  10. Assessment Tool Checkout