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Art History - Undergraduate

CoThe Art History program is designed to provide students with a broadly based academic and theoretical knowledge of the history of art. A substantial number of art history courses cover diverse areas including Ancient, Medieval, Renaissance, Baroque, Modern, and Contemporary Arts. These areas are supported by art theory and criticism courses which are structured to develop special professional sensibilities for those who seek a fuller understanding of their careers in the visual arts.

The program is intended to enrich the department's various studio disciplines, although students may elect to major or minor in Art History and earn a Bachelor of Arts degree. They may also choose to supplement departmental offerings with appropriate courses in anthropology or the humanities. The program's large image library and the ample collection of the Cunningham Memorial Library offer teaching materials and research capabilities for scholars.


Alden Cavanaugh
Colleen Haas
William V Ganis


Bachelor of Art (BA) - Art Major: Art History Concentration (60 credits)