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Department of Earth and Environmental Systems


Earth & Environmental Systems
Science Bldg. 159
600 Chestnut St.
Terre Haute IN 47809
Telephone: 812-237-2444
Google Map: Science Building

Calendar Highlights! 

Fall 2019 Events

  • August 16: Graduate Meeting
    • All Day S-160
  • August 19: Freshman and Transfer Open House
    • 12:45 S-162

Fall 2019 Dates

  • August 16th: EES Graduate Student Orientation
    • Science Room 160 8:30 am.
  • August 20: First day of class
  • August 23: Last day to add 1st 8wk courses
  • August 26: Last day to add 16 wk courses
  • August 26: Last day to drop with no grade

The Department of Earth and Environmental Systems provides students with the opportunity to explore a wide range of environmental, earth, and human systems. Anthropologists, geographers, and geologists, investigate fundamental questions that relate directly to the mechanics of the Earth’s physical processes, the spatial organization of societies, the study of human diversity, and the interaction between people and their environment. The department offers environmentally focused interdisciplinary degrees as well as traditional training in anthropology, geography, and geology. The department emphasizes experiential learning and facilitates student engagement in research.



Department of Earth and Environmental Systems