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Geography and Sustainability

Geography & Sustainability

Geographers study the earth and its land, features, and inhabitants. They also examine phenomena such as political or cultural structures and study the physical and human geographic characteristics of regions ranging in scale from local to global. The geography major offers elective tracks as a generalist or in either sustainability or Geographic Information Systems (GIS).


Our Curriculumn focuses on human and physical geography, including the use of geotechniques. The degree prepares students for careers in areas such as environmental consulting, emergency management planning, climatology, economic development, global studies, data management, land use planning, and environmental protection.

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Geogrpahy & Sustainability

Our EES graduates are prepared for careers in: Government agencies, environmental management firms, climatology, land use planning, environmental protection, data management, GIS analysis, remote sensing, economic development and much more!we embrace learning through hands-on experience. Our majors have the opportunity to learn through internships, class projects, faculty lead study abroad courses, and community service activities in many of our classes. Networking and connecting with alumni who have similar interest is a key tool for success! Advice and interaction, that this program offers, will monumentally help you prepare for seeking jobs and understanding what you need at ISU to succeed.

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Geography & Sustainability Program Core

All majors complete a common class, ENVI 460—Conservation and Sustainability, a project based course on human-environment issues. Students present their project at campus events or local, regional, and even national conferences. Faculty specializations include: Climatology, Dendrochronology, Environmental Ethics, Environmental Modeling, Environmental Science, Geomorphology, GIS, Latin American Environments, Middle East, Oceanography, Physical Geography, Quaternary Ecology, Remote Sensing, Soils, and, Unmanned Systems


Programs Advisor Requirements Outcomes
Geography & Sustainability Dr. Susan Berta GEOG & SUSTN B.S. B.A./B.S. Geog & Sustn Outcomes


Department of Earth and Environmental Systems