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Thesis & Dissertation Deadlines & FAQ's

Earth and Environmental Systems Thesis/Dissertation Deadline & FAQ page

Format Review Due Dates; Final manuscript must be given to Suzanne by the following dates:

  Fall 2017 Spring 2018 Summer 2018
Format Review Due October 17th March 13th May 25th

Questions about approval process

  • Format review approval steps (each area has their own deadlines)

    • Review is first approved by your chair/committee
    • Secondly the manuscript is approved by the EES Department Chairperson
    • After any chair revisions the draft is sent to CAS
      • Draft is reviewed by 2 people in CAS
    • After Dean's office revisions they will send it to CGPS
    • CGPS reviews then approves final
    • Upload approved and signed off manuscript to UMI
  • What needs to be sent with the draft?
    • Thesis/Dissertation approval form
    • CAS Student Responsibilities form must accompany draft and be initialed and signed by the student
  • How will they (each area) contact me?
    • Each area will contact you using your ISU email

Questions about the draft you turn in

  • How do I submit my draft for review

    • Printed: must be in color and unbound or
    • Email: send PDF to Suzanne
  • I only had comments on the first 10 pages, is that all I have to revise?
    • CAS reviewers will send back the manuscript with changes marked for only the first 10 pages if it has too many errors. 
    • If nothing has been stated beyond those pages the reviewer stopped due to too many issues. 
      • Their expectation (CAS) is for you to fix the 10 pages and check the rest of the manuscript for similar issues.
      • CAS might refer you to the writing center if they feel it is necessary.
  • After CAS revisions does my committee or the department chair need to review the draft again?
    • No, after approval has been met by an area they do not need to review the draft again.

UMI Submission

  • When am I allowed to upload my final manuscript

    • CGPS will give you an email notification letting you know that you are approved for UMI submission?
  • Does the department need a final copy?
    • Yes, after you submit your final thesis/dissertation to UMI please send a PDF of the final manuscript to Suzanne


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