Climatology Minor (20 semester hours)

Required courses (11 credits):
GEOG 352 Meteorology
GEOG 353 Weather and Climate
GEOG 453 Climatology
GEOG 454 Introduction to Hydrology

Electives (9 credits): Selected from classes in Applied Health Sciences, Biology, Earth and Environmental Systems, Economics, Applied Health Sciences, Mathematics and Physics.

Experiences and Opportunities:

As an ISU student, you may participate in variety of professional activities through the ISUCL.  Lab assistants presently record daily weather observations that are reported directly to the National Weather Service.  Students conduct research under faculty supervision on such exciting topics as mid-latitude cyclone dynamics and low level streaks.  In addition, lab personnel are directly involved in outreach functions to local schools and businesses.  Finally, the ISUCL may conduct severe weather chase events in the spring and early summer of each year as storm season permits.

Department of Earth and Environmental Systems