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Free Lead Screening Kit



Free Lead Screening kit for your home

For more information, or to get a kit, contact Jen Latimer at 812-237-2289 or

  1. You take home a Kit.
  2. You collect samples, then return Kit to Indiana State University or one of our drop of locations
  3. We analyze your samples and report the results to you. If we find lead in your samples, we'll send you tips on how to reduce your family's exposure to lead.

Lead Poisoning is 100% Preventable

This residential lead kit will allow you to test for lead in soil, water, paint, and dust in your home.

The Department of Earth and Environmental Systems will send you a free test kit with illustrated instructions for collecting your samples. Once you have collected your samples simply take the kit to one of our drop off locations. Results will be sent to you after your samples are tested.

Department of Earth and Environmental Systems