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Accelerated 4+1 Master's Degree

Fast track your master’s degree with our accelerated Bachelor’s to Master’s program

The department now offers accelerated Master's programs with any of our undergraduate degrees. The 4+1 combines your undergraduate degree in EES with our M.A. in Geography or M.S in Earth and Quaternary Sciences, allowing you to complete a Master’s degree in 5 years.

Begin your senior year at ISU with dual enrollment in both degree programs. As a senior, you will have provisional graduate admission until the Bachelor’s degree is awarded with a final cumulative undergraduate GPA of 3.0 or above.

As a senior you will have provisional graduate admission until the Bachelor’s degree is awarded with a final cumulative undergraduate GPA of 3.0 or above.

Students must complete a dual enrollment agreement in order be admitted their senior year.

Both Master’s programs in EES requires a total of 32 credit hours. You may count up to 9 hours of 500 courses in your first year. 500 level courses will be recorded on the undergraduate transcript and then transferred to the graduate transcript once the B.A./B.S. degree is awarded.

You will also be allowed to take up to 6 credit hours of 600-level courses during your senior year of undergraduate study. 600 level courses will be recorded only on the graduate transcript.

While dual enrolled (first year), student status will be list as an undergraduate student for the purposes of financial aid and registration and records.

Degree Map.

Graduate Assistantships (GA, RA, TA, etc.) are not available to dual-enrolled students; to be a Graduate Assistant, students must have been awarded their undergraduate degree.

Contact your academic advisor to discuss the accelerated program as on option during your junior year. Once accepted to the graduate program, meet with your graduate advisor and undergraduate advisor to plan your Program of Study for your Master’s degree.

1. Accelerated Graduate Programs require a minimum undergraduate GPA of 3.0 at time of admission

2. To be admitted, students must have completed at least 80% of the total credits needed to earn their undergraduate degree (e.g., 96 credit hours out of a 120 credit hour degree) by the start of their fourth year.

3. Other admission requirements are the same for graduate admission to our programs

4. GRE Scores

5. Three letters of recommendation

6. Transcripts from all universities attended

7. If accepted, confirm your intent to continue at ISU

4+1 = Career Goals.

An accelerated program allows you to earn your master’s and your bachelor’s in as few as five years, and provides you with significant cost savings: This Avenue allows you to skip the cost of admission fees as well as saving time while learning. An accelerated program means that you’ll spend less time, and less money, earning your degree.

The EES Degree programs are structured to utilize a shorter period to gaining the Master’s degree. Complete your master’s degree in just one additional year of study beyond your bachelor’s.

It also allows you to launch your career sooner, with a broader range of available opportunities. The difference between a bachelor's and a master's degree in job opportunities after graduation is tremendous.

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