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Health DAZE! Purdue Extension workshop for Vermillion County Indiana

This new program offered to Vermillion Co. teens through a grant from West Central Indiana Area Health Education & organized by Vermillion Co. 4-H, gave them very unique opportunities offering hands-on learning from ‘beginning’ of life to end.  Participants learned the basic differences between forensics and anthropology from ISU’s Dr. Phillips’. They applied knowledge as they learned to: ’sex’ and date skeletal remains; determine descent of deceased by measuring the nasal aperture of the skull: African, European, vs. Asian descent; learned about cultural burial sites; dentistry in cultures & time periods.

Participants had the opportunity to visit the SIM Center at Union Hospital where a variety of medical emergencies are simulated through technology and life-size mannequins.  Here, they intubated a ‘patient’, ‘delivered a baby’, and learned the technology with the Anotomage table, one of approx. a dozen in the country.  They visited the cadaver lab at Indiana State University where they had the opportunity to compare healthy with diseased organs.  Participants toured Elanco and the local humane shelter on animal health day, learning of the global reach of Elanco’s Clinton labs and the robotics involved in the packaging of the product. 

The last day gave participants to participate in an adult/child CPR and Basic First Aid class.  All participants earned certification in both programs.  Vermillion Co. ranks #1 in preventable heart-related deaths.  Each person trained in CPR can potentially have an impact on our county’s quality of life.

”So far I have had an awesome time learning about forensic science and health careers. The coolest thing was the cadaver lab at ISU where I even felt a heart and lung! I'm looking forward to another great day tomorrow!”  writes Alyson Chaney, high school junior.

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