Faculty & Staff: Web Updates

Web Pages

The information on all Indiana State web pages should be accurate and up to date.

Edits and additions to the Scott College of Business web pages can be made by contacting Ray Thomas

Our graduate program web pages are maintained by Ashley Layman

For other university pages then please contact the department concerned or contact Web Services: Webpages - https://www.indstate.edu/communications-marketing/web-new-media Email - Communications@mail.indstate.edu


Directory Profile

The faculty public web profile information now comes from the Faculty Activity Directory (FAD). These are the instructions on how to update your faculty public web profile from FAD and these only apply to faculty or staff who have FAD entries. There is no provision for other staff to change their directory profile. These instructions are also available as a PDF document

The Public Web Profile, will use the information you have already entered in FAD, and you can pick which information is shared from various categories. You can update and make the changes, and each night, the system will refresh and pull your new changes. To create (or update) the web profile, go into your activities in FAD and click on the link for Public Web Profile.


Faculty Web Profile


Move your way through the options to select the Awards/Honors, Consulting, Scholarship/Research/Creativity, Grants/Contracts/Fellowships, and Service you would like to have appear on the public directory profile.


Faculty Web Profile


You can rearrange the order in which they appear, or delete a choice you have made with these controls on the far, right hand side


Faculty Web Profile

Add more rows in any category by selecting the number of rows to add.  You may select up to 5 activities for each category.


Faculty Web Profile


When you are done, click on Save

Faculty Web Profile



Some information can only be changed though the ISUPortal. To change things like your office location and phone number then log into ISUPortal and follow the instructions at https://www.indstate.edu/website-redesign-project/training-and-documentation/update-your-directory-information-banner

Your photo cannot be changed yourself. You need to contact Tony Campbell and send him your new photo or tell him where it is and he will upload it for you. You will need to provide him with your 991 number.


Social Media

The Scott College of Business has several social media accounts, these are listed on our Social Media page.

Events, news and relevant articles can be submitted for inclusion for many of these by contacting raymond.thomas@indstate.edu