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A gift to the Scott College of Business will directly support student’s through scholarships and professional development programming. Our faculty and staff are dedicated to providing a high quality business education both inside and outside the classroom.  Your donation will support hands-on learning experiences and provide opportunities so that students become “career ready,” no matter the challenges they may face.  Business is a force for good, and your gift will help us prepare Sycamores to effect positive change in the world.

This year, the priorities are:

Scott College of Business Dean's Innovation Fund

Scott College of Business Scholarships Fund

For the following initiatives please go to and in the Designation dropdown, choose Other and copy and paste the following:

Scott College of Business Student Success Mentoring

Scott College of Business Professional Development


The Dean’s Innovation Fund serves as a catalyst for driving innovation, student empowerment, and hands-on learning. Innovation means supporting new curricula, projects, unique opportunities, and having an “entrepreneurial mindset” for investing in the future of the college.

Student Scholarships provide necessary support for students pursuing degrees specifically in business.

The Student Success Mentoring initiative serves to enhance the student experience in the college through fostering a sense of connection and community among students, alumni, and industry partners. Mentoring pairs students with peers and experienced professionals who share their wisdom and experience to encourage growth through an open and supportive environment.

Experiential Learning / Professional Development provides industry engagement and career readiness programming designed to build leadership, communication, critical thinking, collaboration, and global fluency among students. Examples include internships, competitions, conferences, networking events, industry speakers, student organizations, etc., among numerous others.