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Federal Hall Floor Plans

Click on any of the areas with the blue circle to see information about that area.

Garden Level

Garden Level FD001 FD005 FD002 FD004 FD010 FD0-cafe FD0-commons

First Floor

First Floor FD1-exterior FD101 FD102 FD103 FD105 FD106 FD107 FD110 FD1-night FD1-main FD112 FD117 FD119 FD120 FD121 FD122 FD123 FD124 FD125 FD133 FD1-rear FD1-south FD1-sview

Second Floor

Second Floor FD201 FD207 FD209 FD220 FD222 FD223 FD224

Third Floor

Second Floor FD302 FD333
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