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Using LinkedIn During College Creating your profile on LinkedIn (2019, 5:04)
Getting Started with Handshake Setting up your profile in Handshake (2019, 5:11)
Handshake - Schedule an Appointment Setting up an appointment with Career Services through Handshake(2019, 2:44)

Social Media in College

The appropriate use of social media in college (2019, 1:12)
Study Tips for College Developing these habits early on will help make you more prepared for your different courses and will help make studying easier! (2019, 2:17)
Networking Event Prep General tips and advice for attending your first networking event (2019, 7:20)
Bruce Bryan Bruce Bryan, Founder of Your Brand Voice presents to MSDC (2015, 12:17)
Insurance Panel An insurance professional panel discussion organized by MSDC. (2015, 10:18)