Executive Express Cafe Videos

Sycamore Student Ventures Playlist

2016 The Executive Express Café is the perfect place to grab a cup of coffee, a snack or even lunch. What some may not realize is that not only is the Café convenient and affordable, it’s also a valuable educational tool for the students of Business 401. The Cafe is completely student run, giving the students – who volunteer for various roles within the café - the opportunity to take their classroom knowledge and implement business strategy in a real world environment while providing a service to faculty, staff and students. The successes and misses – as well as developing the skills to adapt to improve the business - are all part of the learning experience. (2016, 2:03)
2013 Executive Express Café in Federal Hall at Indiana State University is an experiential learning lab operated by students in the Scott College of Business. The café is an opportunity for students from any major in the college to learn about how their lessons impact the daily operations of a business. They also organize opportunities for other students to learn about different aspects of the café's operations. (2013, 1:39)
2009 Senior business students at ISU have opened a new coffee shop on campus and its operation, success or failure rests on the students' shoulders.(2009, 2:59)