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Finance & Financial Services Videos

Leader in Action: Matt Eckert Matt Eckert, President and CEO of Holiday World & Splashin' Safari and a 1996 graduate of Indiana State in accounting and insurance and risk management, visited the Scott College of Business and gave a presentation on April 8, 2015. (2015, 1:03:25)
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Financial Literacy Conference Students in the College of Business put together a conference aimed at helping fellow students and others make smarter money moves. (2009, 2:07)
Opening of the Original Financial Trading Room A new trading room in Statesman Towers is helping students get hands-on experience in the world of finance. (2008, 2:32)
Real Investment Indiana State University's College of Business opened its financial trading room in 2007. Check out one ISU's new 2008 commercials featuring the trading room. It's cool! (2008, 0:30)