Ethics: 2019 Conference Leadership

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Ethics Conference 2019 Juniors

Ethics Conference 2019 Juniors

Team Leaders

Ethics 2019 Team Leaders

Left to Right: Addison Grooms - Conference Programming, Katie Nuthak - Marketing, Brooke Hendricks - Operations/Logistics, Chevy Elliot - Accounting/Finance

Finance & Accounting Team

Ethics Finance & Accounting Team

Left to right: Greg Darling, Alli Meyer, Josh McCammon, Taylor Morris, and Chevy Elliot

Marketing Team

Ethics Marketing Team 2019

Left to Right: Kyle Collins, Josh Bruce, Jacob Kissick, Alison Dial, and Katie Nuthak

Operations & Logistics Team

Ethics Operations Team 2019

Left to right: Sam Lewis, Brooke Hendricks, Kyle Deters, Taylor Yates, and Courtney Ferguson

Programming Team

Ethics Conference Programming Team 2019

Left to Right: Andy Mersman, Gretchen Burkhart, Addison Grooms, Erika Perry, and Luke Fleck

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