Patrons: Tom and Dotty Bilyeu

In May 2020, the Team Lab, FD002 on the Garden Level of Federal Hall has been renamed the Tabco – Tom and Dotty Bilyeu Lab in recognition of a $25,000 gift from the families of the late Thomas A. and Dorothy Jean “Dotty” (Braunschweiger) Bilyeu. The gift has been funded fully with a gift of cash and will support Bridge the Gap Scholarships.

One of their children, Brad Bilyeu, a 1977 graduate of Scott College, said, “Tom and Dotty were proud to be a part of the Indiana State community, and together they witnessed and understood the value that the institution brings to the Wabash Valley and beyond.”

“While neither had college degrees, they knew how important it was and they were pleased to be able to see three of their four children and five of their 10 grandchildren attend ISU.

“Federal Hall is a beautiful building that also holds a lot of history in Terre Haute, which Tom and Dotty were able to witness. The way it was repurposed by ISU and is being used by Indiana State and the Scott College of Business is inspiring to students and the community.”

The naming of the lab space honors the family’s long-standing connection to Terre Haute, ISU, and the business community.

Tom and Dotty Bilyeu started Tabco Business Forms, Inc. in Terre Haute in 1978 and remained active in the company until their full retirement in 2012.

Tom and Dotty Bilyeu

Together the Bilyeu’s worked tirelessly to provide educational opportunity for their children and eventually employed their two sons who run the business today. Tom and Dotty were proud of the fact that three of their four children and five of their ten grandchildren attended Indiana State University. Tom and Dotty’s hard work, dedication, and love in their hearts was synonymous with laying a foundation of success for others.

His gift honors their legacy by providing an opportunity for those aspiring to reach their educational goals at Indiana State University, while positively shaping communities in which Sycamore graduates call home.

Dotty passed away on April 7, 2016, aged 85, and Tom passed away on September 25, 2018, at the age of 87.

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