Patrons: Alane (Laney) and Lucien (Lu) Meis

Laney and Lu are ardent supporters of the University. Lu served on the Indiana State University Foundation Board for many years. Laney came to Terre Haute with a degree in Deaf Education. She was adjunct University instructor in the Special Education Department prior to earning her Master of Science degree in Special Education from Indiana State. Laney continues to support the University and the Wabash Valley through her many volunteer efforts.

Meis, a department store chain, was founded in 1928, and was a thriving family business that grew to 10 stores across Indiana, Illinois and Kentucky. The flagship was adjacent to Indiana State’s campus and both customers and employees has strong connections with the University. A subsidiary of Meis developed a chain of 125 stores throughout the Midwest catering to young adults. The Bottom Half, as it was called, was greatly influenced by Indiana State students.

The Meis Stores were acquired by Elder-Beerman in 1989. The couple remains actively involved in many aspects of the University as well as the Terre Haute community.

Alane (Laney) and Lucien (Lu) Meis

Alane (Laney) and Lucien (Lu) Meis at the dedication of Meis Plaza, October 4, 2012

On October 4, 2012, the Indiana State University Foundation dedicated  Meis Plaza and the “Renewal” sycamore leaf sculpture. The plaza is located at the main entrance of the Foundation’s facility at Fifth and Cherry. The Alane and Lucien Meis Student Development Center (FD133) supports career development activities at Federal Hall, home of the Scott College of Business. Supporting the College of Business us important to the couple, because they are strong supporters of education in general, and for Lu, the business school in particular. 

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