Patrons: Robert P. Steinbaugh

Dr. Robert P. Steinbaugh (August 25, 1925 - July 3, 2014) had a passion for teaching and pride for Indiana State that inspired his support of Federal Hall. From 1957, throughout his 34 year career with the University, the College of Business has moved to various areas on campus. Supporting the move to Federal Hall was significant to Dr. Steinbaugh because of the enhanced learning environment it provides for students as well as faculty and staff. Dr. Steinbaugh proudly supports the growth and success of the Wabash Valley community and Indiana State University. Through Dr. Steinbaugh’s support of the Scott College of Business, he has assisted with the development of Indiana State University and the Wabash Valley.

Ralph Mason and Robert Steinbaugh in 1966

Ralph Mason, Head of the Department of Distributive Education, writes on his desk while Robert Steinbaugh, Head of the Department of Business Administration, looks on in 1966

In October 2014, collecting their Distinguished Alumni Award, Tom and Debbie Bareford said a conversation they had with business professor Steinbaugh more than 50 years ago "set the compass and rudder for our lives." Tom continued that Steinbaugh was "one of the greatest professors that ever lived. He talked to us one day about social rent ... (and) there being just a little difference between a normal community and a great one. He stressed that if there's one difference between a normal university and a great one, it is ‘social rent' - people's willingness to just help out, give a willing hand when they can. They might not always be the most qualified person, but if they attack it with enthusiasm, people come around and help them do that. The lay people are the difference in our communities and organizations and, I hope, Indiana State University."

Faculty in the School of Business - 1968

1968: Faculty in the School of Business hold a conversation. From left to right: James Lane, Clarence Vincent, Robert Steinbaugh, and Ralph Mason.

As an emeritus faculty member and department chairperson of Indiana State University, Dr. Steinbaugh wanted to support the University and the Scott College of Business in a way that would benefit students and faculty and now the Dr. Robert P. Steinbaugh Faculty Resource Library (FD224) makes lecture resources and materials available to faculty.

Dr. Steinbaugh’s legacy will live on when it was announced in May 2021, that his wife, Carolyn Steinbaugh, made a $1 million charitable gift to the Scott College of Business for the naming of the Dr. Robert and Carolyn Steinbaugh Endowed Professor of Business.

Carolyn Steinbaugh

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