Doris D. Green Memorial Scholarship


  • Progress towards a degree in the College of Business.
  • May be renewed while pursuing degree and maintaining acceptable scholastic record.

Donor Profile

The Doris D. Green Memorial Scholarship was established in 1982 in memory of Mrs. Doris Green by John C. Figg and his wife, Jennie, owners of the John C. Figg Real Estate Agency in Terre Haute, and by Mrs. Green's daughter, Mollie C. O'Brien, Cincinnati, Ohio. Mrs. Green worked for the Figg Agency for 25 years, and was previously employed by W. H. Maehling Real Estate Agency, Terre Haute, for 15 years. She was a charter member of the Insurance Women of Terre Haute and served several different terms as president of this organization.

Past Recipients

  • Alayna Aparicio, 2020
  • William Mayfield, 2013
  • Evan Magni, 2012
  • Derek Heinz, 2011
  • Kristen Hurt, 2010
  • Kristen Elston, 2009
  • Kristen Elston, 2008
  • Kristen Elston, 2007
  • Ashley Ave, 2006
  • Rachel Doyle, 2005
  • Pamela Fischer, 2004
  • Adrie Kohler, 2003

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