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Joe & Dora Walker Scholarship


  • Preferably a needy and worthy student in the College of Business for a period of one year.

Donor Profile

The Mr. & Mrs. Joe Walker Scholarship was established in 1989 through a generous bequest in the will of Joe Walker.

Past Recipients

  • Paige Meyer, Cole Nuyen, and Caine Wilson, 2020
  • April Allen, Seth Arnold, Tricia Hudspeth, Amber Kemp, and Brett Mulvihil, Kayla Vore, 2012
  • Sarah Rubino, Thomas Flores, and Sam Guerra, 2011
  • Hansol Kang, Dainyell Durr, Sam Guerra, Derek Heinz, Kaycee Turner, and Amanda Turner, 2010
  • Jeremy Firster, Trevor Jennings, Brittany Johnson, Lindsay McKee, Amanda Perry, and Jessica Purdy, 2009
  • Natalie Gogel, Molly McFatridge, Ryan Ridner, Amber Shatto, Erin Troesch, and Cecilia Emmons, 2008
  • Jeremy Firster, Casey Lock, Matthew MacPherson, Angelic McMahel, Lindsey Povelones, and Aubrey Watt, 2007
  • Shae Fehribach, Heather Lark, Jennifer Likander, Travis Mundy, Susan Parisey, and Kasey Summerlot, 2006
  • Ashley Ave, Ashley Cribelar, Candace Hiatt, Sara Kamman, Adrie Koehler, and my Perschbacher, 2005
  • Ashley Ave, Jocelyn Gohman, Tyler Hewitt, Brett Hoopingarner, Rachael Kazimier, and Maranda Summers, 2004
  • Carolyn Chase, and Diana Imlay, 2003
  • Ryan Fair, 2002

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