Antoinette M. Srajn Scholarship


  • Scholarship for a female student taking Accounting courses at ISU

Donor Profile

The Antoinette M. Srajn Scholarship was established in 1986 from a bequest in the will of Miss Srajn.  It was her desire that a scholarship be awarded to an Indiana State University student(s) with a preference for women in accounting. Antoinette was born on February 10, 1901, and passed away in April 1984, aged 83. In April 1955, she was appointed a director of the American Society of Women Accountants at the Hotel Deming.

Past Recipients

  • Olivia Kendall, 2012
  • Madison Kirchner, 2011
  • Laura Buening, 2010
  • Lindsay McKee, 2009
  • Casey Locke, 2008
  • Fadzai Masiyazi, 2007
  • Trinna Solomon, 2006
  • Ashley Daugherty, 2005
  • Shawna Sunbury, 2004
  • Jacqueline Winters, 2003
  • Autumn L. Williams, 2002
  • Amy Lawrence, 1991
  • Beverly Nicole Gray, 1990

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