Whit Morris Award


  • Senior in the Department of Management or Finance with scholarship and leadership qualities necessary to a successful career in business.

Donor Profile

The WHIT MORRIS AWARD was provided by Miss F. Helen McGaughey, ISU professor emeritus of English, who served on the ISU faculty for 24 years (1946-1970). The award is in memory of her uncle Whit Morris, founder and owner of the Texas Title Guarantee Company, San Antonio, Texas. The award is given to a senior male at the beginning of the student's eighth semester in recognition of demonstrated scholarship and leadership qualities necessary for a successful career in business.

Past Recipients

  • Tyler, Mattox, 2013
  • Aaron Stoerman, 2012
  • Cody Parks, 2011
  • Zachary Paitson, 2010
  • Shawn Craig, 2009
  • Shawn Craig, 2008
  • Scott Clark, 1991
  • Joseph Hession, 1976
  • William P. Sweeney, 1969

Scholarship Applications

Scholarship Applications

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